Before and After Project

Garage Door After

Garage doors get a lot of use in our busy lives. The average residential garage door in America opens and closes about 1,500 times every year as families rush in and out for school, work, soccer practice and doctors’ visits. That is quite a workout — and over the years can eventually lead to cracked panels, chipped paint and worn-down parts.

And of course, there’s your curb appeal. Depending on the design of your home, your garage door can make up a surprisingly large percentage of the face your house shows to the world. A damaged garage door can give your home an unsightly appearance instead of helping to brighten the neighborhood.

Are you tired of your old garage door? Are you upgrading before you sell your home? Whatever the reason for replacing your garage door, you will find there are thousands of options in today’s styles, materials, and windows. Finish off the design with the perfect color to enhance the overall curb appeal and you’re the belle of the ball – well, the neighborhood!

This BEFORE door is showing its age. This was the original builder-grade garage door that came with the house 14 years ago.

A recent exterior makeover called for something more dramatic. The plan for a midcentury vibe steered the homeowners toward this insulated flush panel door with clear long glass windows, stacked both horizontal and vertical. The AFTER garage door brings in lots of light and can’t help but bring up the curb appeal.

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